Creo Brings Both Excitement and Uncertainty

We've had quite a few questions about how Creo will impact the AI MAXTools products, how our current customers will be affected, and what our plans are for future development.  Read on for the latest information regarding the product status and plans from PTC and AI MAXTools.

To learn more about the differences between Creo Elements/Direct (i.e. CoCreate) and Creo Direct, please click here.

The current State of Creo Direct and Creo Elements/Direct (updated April 2018)

Interest in the Direct Modeling technologies is at an all-time high.  PTC's customers continue to express great interest in their Direct Modeling solutions.  Creo Direct is at version 5.0, and Creo Elements/Direct is at version 20.1.  As customers have learned about the power of Creo Elements/Direct, the number of people using the Creo Elements/Direct platform has grown. However, PTC's investment into the Creo Elements/Direct platform is significantly less than it has been in the past, and the number of new features being added to each version is much smaller.  

Future development plans:

At AI MAXTools, we're continuing to add new functionality to our tools to help users of Creo Elements/Direct get more functionality from the tools they already know (and have significant investment in). We still support all versions of CoCreate and Creo Elements/Direct from version 15 onward.

Licensing Flexibility for Maximum Value:

Even if you're not currently on the latest version of CoCreate or Creo Elements/Direct, our licensing allows you maximum flexibility -- an AI MAXTools license will allow you to run our tools with any version of CoCreate or Creo Elements/Direct, and to switch between versions if you desire. For example, if you're currently using CoCreate 17, but are evaluating Creo Elements/Direct v20.1, each AI MAXTools license will allow you to run our tools on either one. This flexibility allows you to make the switch when YOU are ready.


This is definitely an exciting time in the CAD world, but many people are feeling a great deal of uncertainty.  AI MAXTools is committed to do everything we can to help all Creo Elements/Direct  and CoCreate users get the maximum benefit from their tools!