Valve Corporation uses AI MAXTools software to help develop the Steam Controller

Valve Corporation has been using AI MAXTools software since 2014. Close collaboration has inspired several new and enhanced AI MAXTools functions, including the "AI Surface Points" tool, useful for inspecting molded parts, etc. The AI MAXTools functions helped significantly reduce the development time for the popular new video gaming Steam Controller, for which CAD data was released to the public in March 2016.

AI-Valve01.png"AI MAXTools continues to make my work more efficient in many ways."

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 Fort Collins, Colo.  June 6, 2016

AI MAXTools, Inc. announced today that customers continue to see productivity improvements of at least 10-20 percent using their popular software. Since 2003, AI MAXTools has been helping users of PTC's Creo Elements/Direct CAD software increase design productivity and quality with tools that accelerate everyday common modeling tasks and operations.

AI MAXTools is a suite of add-in tools for PTC’s Creo/Elements Direct (formerly CoCreate) that increases productivity and streamlines design methodology by providing higher design quality, shorter design cycles, and more accurate and complete models. The AI MAXTools productivity suite integrates seamlessly with Creo Elements/Direct and brings new and improved functionality to all users, including those that have not yet upgraded to the latest version of Creo Elements/Direct or CoCreate.

Valve, an entertainment software and technology company, has been using AI MAXTools since 2014 and is an example of a typical customer. Valve recently did a CAD release of their Steam Controller, which was designed in large part using Creo Elements/Direct with AI MAXTools software.


“Valve is interested to see what new developments come from our release of Steam Controller CAD,” explained Greg Matelich, Mechanical Engineer at Valve. “We released our CAD in the morning, and quickly found our customers were excited to see examples such as some alternate Battery Door designs. AI MAXExport, like many of the AI MAXTools functions, was a great help. We can create zip files with native Creo Modeling as well as several translation, viewer, and print formats with just a few clicks and a few minutes processing. AI MAXTools continues to make my work more efficient in many ways.”

AI MAXTools helps engineering and design teams reduce design time, improve productivity and increase efficiency – all while making the design process more enjoyable. Because designing is more productive with the software, employees spend more time actually designing, instead of figuring out how to use the CAD tools.

“Many of our products add totally new functionality, enabling new work/design methods and processes that significantly increase efficiency,” concluded Andy Poulsen, President and CTO of AI MAXTools. “We are pleased to be able to help Valve improve their design processes. As we do with all of our customers, we use their requests and feedback to continually improve and enhance our products, helping our customers work smarter, faster, and better.”

About AI MAXTools, Inc.
AI MAXTools, Inc. (AI) has been supporting users of PTC Creo Elements/Direct (formerly CoCreate) Modeling and Drafting since 1995. The AI MAXTools suite helps CAD users enjoy designing again by providing a variety of add-in functionality that enhances the software. These add-ins enable mechanical engineers and designers to improve productivity and increase efficiency, reduce design time, and create more time for designing. Through years of hands-on CAD experience, AI brings a user’s perspective to the development of worthwhile, easy-to-use productivity tools. This perspective also drives the company’s commitment to fast, responsive support and its mission to help companies and individuals to be more productive. AI is a Gold Software Partner in the PTC PartnerAdvantage program.

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